Are You Stressed? It's Time for You to be Royally Relaxed!

In the spring of 2012 I boarded a 25 hour flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand. My friend, Tara Browder, was a missionary to the area, and I was excited to partner with her for this life changing experience. The ministry trip focused on the young women who were being trafficked within the sex trade. Also, we were there to support the leadership of the local ministry who worked so diligently attending to these delicate hearts.  

Part of the trip involved us hosting a women’s retreat for these tireless leaders. My topic was on the importance of rest for leaders. I would deliver my message, then I was going to love on the women by making some of my Royally Relaxing Body Scrub and then have them massage it into each other’s hands for a spa-like feel to our session for the afternoon. 

While waiting for my turn to speak, I sat in the stairwell looking out the window and going over my notes. As I stared out the sizable window thinking about how grateful I was to be in this place, the download started to happen... God began adding to my notes. If you’ve ever spoken, I know you know how sneaky he can be by revamping your notes at the last minute! Eeeek! Inspiration literally began to drop into my spirit like rain drops... He revealed that there was symbolism to each ingredient: salt, oil, aroma. 

You will learn how the different ingredients in the scrub symbolize the benefits that come when we take time for daily intimacy with Jesus. In this chaotic world, we can experience living out of a lifestyle of rest so that you can be your most powerful you. You are the King’s child and it’s time for you to walk in your authority while being Royally Relaxed! 

I believe God’s heart for us as a Father is one who wants to nurture us and protect us as we abide in His presence. We simply can’t do anything supernatural or extraordinary without Him. I am desperate for Him and refuse to settle for a life that is anything less than one based on being swept away in His arms as He reveals His plans and purposes for my life! I need His peace and direction. His healing and comfort. His sweet aroma in my life that only comes from time spent in His presence. I hope you will journey with me as we discover that rest is a weapon...

A Journey into the Secret Place: A leadership workshop that reveals the divine benefits of resting in the presence of the Lord as you make your own take-home lavender bath scrub.

Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:7

The Royally Relaxing Prayer

A Love Letter from The King of Kings
to You His Daughter

Dear daughter, I want you to know that when you make time for me, you will be refreshed and royally relaxed, because you are my child - you are royalty. My daughter does not have to strive. I’ve been calling you to the secret place, a place where you will never leave empty. In fact, you will leave empowered. 

Let the SALT be a reminder of my cleansing power as my presence washes away the pain, disappointment, and short comings from yesterday. It may sting just a bit as salt does, but let go and know that I am purifying and exfoliating  your heart as you take time for repentance. Always remember that purity precedes power - and I want you powerful. After this, a time of refreshing will come. You are forgiven, so freely forgive others. Let the salt of my presence heal your wounds and be a preservative to keep you strong - protected from corruption. Be salt and light in the world and let your speech be gracious and attractive. 

Let the OIL remind you that you are consecrated and set apart for me. Your temple is holy ground. Receive the oil of the Holy Spirit as it soothes your mind and brings peace and joy.

Now just breathe the AROMA of my presence into your heart. Those who you come in contact with will notice that there is something different about you. My beloved, it is because you have been with me - there is an aroma of hope. I love you! I’m waiting for you to escape with me again and again. I release within your spirit the power to get the work of your hands completed. You will rise above because you have sought out the secret place. 

© 2016 Kelly Dobbs Studio
(Prayer is printed on a bookmark for you to reference during your secret place time.)

{Acts 3:19; 1 Peter 2:9; Matthew 5:13-16; Colossians 4:6; 
Psalm 45:7; Exodus 30:22; Exodus 40:9; 2 Corinthians 2:15}

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