Spiritual Capital: Being Strong in Spirit

[This Week's Prayer]

GOD THANK YOU for our freedom and the ability to live life openly able to worship and seek Your face! I'm lifting my voice to you today to let you know that I love you as the King of Kings and Lord of all Lords. I love and care for my country. Father God, would you let us experience a fresh encounter with You - we specifically ask that You would protect us against the evil intentions that others have against our country and those that are followers of the cross. Protect all our leadership: those who live in the White House and those who aspire to. We pray for unity and compassion between all citizens. We thank you Father God that You hold the winning hand, and that it is Your desire that all may experience the deep love of Jesus Christ! 
~In Jesus' name, amen.

Coaching Tip:

According to Life Coach Tim Wiles, "Spiritual Capital is the foundation for how you live, move, and have your being." It is the "stuff" that makes you emotionally strong. It is an asset we possess. Praying and mediation helps BUILD UP your spiritual capital. It gives us LIFT! This allows you to be strong inwardly, helping you cope with stress and the pressures of life as you move from one life event to the next. You will be stronger for it and rise above others who don't understand this concept. Care for yourself and others by taking a few minutes to meditate on this prayer. Together, we can move mountains!

Love and Blessings,
Kelly Roberson
Certified Life Coach | Artisan | Crisis-Trained Chaplain 
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