These 3 Things are Your Lifeline

Over the last week, I kept hearing the Lord whispering, "and these three remain: faith, hope, and love." {1 Corinthians 13:13} I finally stopped and leaned into what this really means. I heard the Lord say that it means when you feel like all is lost or when you feel stripped of everything you know.... These three will ALWAYS be in the recipe: faith, hope, and love. Circumstances may seem bleak - "all stripped away" or lost, BUT there are ALWAYS the core ingredients to rebuild & refuel your life and dreams! Always. How amazing is that... !! 

Interesting how God knows that. In my coaching sessions I use a tool called "Spiritual Capital" - these are 33 life drivers that renew and fuel our lives. Faith, hope, and love are one of the 33. God designed us to incorporate these "drivers" into our lives because they give us strength when going through transitions and stressful situations. Our trust is not in the process, it's in Christ. 

[This Week's Prayer]

Father, thank you for the assurance that even when I feel lost or like my dreams have been snuffed out by "man" that your word says that there is always divine HOPE. Thank you that this experience will help me to be more compassionate. I pray that you blow fresh energy and wind upon my dreams and stir a fire in my gut that would inspire me to move ahead today knowing that the best is yet to come! I thank you Father that according to Philippians 1:6, "Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." Holy Spirit blow fresh upon my dreams - ignite, fuel, and strengthen me in Jesus' name, amen! 

Be Inspired!
Kelly Roberson



Your Brain on Multitasking

**WARNING** What I'm about to say may give you a brain cramp.... I know you're probably in the middle of something, but just hang with me for a second (wink). Did you know that according to the newest studies in neuroscience, "the oft-admired 'talent' of multitasking is a joke!" (I actually heard this at a conference and almost fell out of my chair!) Dr. Henry Cloud states in his new book, Boundaries for Leaders, that "our brains run in a hampered state when we multitask - reducing an astronaut's brain to that of a hamster...The brain craves attention in order to work. You need to attend to what is relevant and inhibit everything else." 


We multitask because we think we are getting more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. Unfortunately, studies prove that this simply isn't true ...and it can harm relationships and actually hinder our goals.

According to Larry Kim, a writer with Inc. Magazine, "A study from the University of Sussex (UK) ran MRI scans on the brains of individuals who spent time on multiple devices at once (texting while watching TV, for example). The MRI scans showed that subjects who multitasked more often had less brain density in the anterior cingulate cortex. That's the area responsible for empathy and emotional control."

Here are 3 things that you CAN do to save time and be more productive: 

  1. Guy Winch, PhD, author of Emotional First Aid: Practical Strategies for Treating Failure, Rejection, Guilt and Other Everyday Psychological Injuries says, "Do things in batches. Pay your bills all at once, then send your emails all at once. Each task requires a specific mindset, and once you get in a groove you should stay there and finish." 
  2. As sure as your iPhone will lose it's charge by lunch today, the minute we sit down to complete a task, other important "to-do's" flood our brain. Keep a random thought pad handy to write things down. Then, you can go back and do those things later after you've completed what's in front of you.
  3. Prioritize. Write down the top 3 most important things you absolutely must get done for the day. It's amazing how accomplished you will feel when you check them off! Success begets success. Small victories lead to larger ones just like a domino effect.


[This Week's Prayer]

 Dear Lord, I need you to help me in this area. I ask that you would first of all give me YOUR priorities for my life - make them clear. I am standing not in my own power, but standing firm in your power to accomplish the things I feel you have for me to accomplish for your kingdom. I understand that "unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain." (Psalm 127:1) I ask you to help me build! Give me the self-discipline to prioritize and manage my affairs according to your standards. I pray that everything I do will be filtered through love. I lift my schedule up to you Father God and according to 1 Corinthians 14:33, "you are not a God of confusion, but of PEACE..." Seal these things upon my heart in Jesus' name, amen! 

Kelly Roberson
Certified Life Coach, Artist
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Feeling Hidden?

Happy New Year's Eve! Maybe you're on cloud 9 right about now - or maybe you are feeling lonely and hidden away... let me share a little story with you.

Swiss Rolls. Have I got your attention? A few years back I was visiting a friend for a few weeks. There were teenagers in the house, and it seemed that everything I bought was quickly eaten. Well, this was just not working for me so I devised a plan. First of all let me back up. I have this dirty little secret... yes, it's true. I really LOVE Swiss Rolls. You know those plastic, toxin-filled, chocolate cake rolls.... ohhhhhhh yeah baby!! Now right now you are either cheering or you are shaking your head.

Anyway, once a year I'll buy a box. I decided to buy some on this particular visit and wasn't in the mood to share. I hid them in the bottom cabinet behind the pots and pans. (yeah, I know pathetic really!) Ohhhh, but it was so great having them all to myself because I loved them so much... They were hidden - not discarded.
About now you're asking, WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?? Do you ever feel hidden or discarded? Most people do along their journey. I hid the box because they were my FAVORITE! God is actually working during our seasons of hiddenness and the truth is that you are not discarded, just hidden, tucked away with a special purpose that is unfolding.


Here are 3 practical things you can do when you feel hidden: 

1.  Work through any rejection issues that you have. We all have had them: past failures, hurts, abandonment, deaths, and losses of any kind can lead to a root of rejection. These will leave soul wounds that can skew our thinking and derail our destiny. Repent where you have given place to your own personal pity party and where you have judgment against those who have hurt you and forgive them - and also very importantly, forgive yourself. Ask God to come in apply the healing oil of the Holy Spirit. Ask him to renew a right spirit within you. There is nothing like peace that comes from a healed heart. Psalm 147:3, "He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds."

2. Embrace the Truth. Most likely, you are not being rejected or cast aside.The truth about your situation is that according to God's Word, you are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation - you are a child of God! 1 Peter 2:9, "But you are not like that, for you are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God's very own possession. As a result, you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light." He loves you and absolutely will NEVER forget you! If God is FOR you WHO can be against you? The truth of the matter is that God SEES YOU. He sees every time you help someone in need without it being posted on Instagram. He sees those things that you do for others that no one will ever know about. Ask yourself, "Have I done all that I can? Have I loved as I should?"  If the answer is yes then be grateful because you are storing up treasures in Heaven. Ask God to show you how you matter and that what you are doing matters. I will be praying that for you too. 

3. Trust the process. Yep, there's a process. According to Dr. Bill Hamon, prophetic evangelist, "God makes the man before he makes the ministry." After graduating from seminary back in the '50's, Dr. Hammond told God he wanted to take the nations for the kingdom! He was ready to preach along side of Billy Graham and the rest of the great evangelists of the time. Guess, what? God put him on the backside of the barn in a little church in the middle of nowhere for six years. Over the six - long - years, God molded him and shaped him into the mature instrument he needed. He recounted that it was HARD, but there was fruit. As he was faithful with the little, God began to give him more. There are seasons of being hidden and tucked away for all of us. Sometimes the seasons of hiddenness cycle back through when God is doing something even deeper in our lives. Trust the process. You are God's beloved. 

[This Week's Prayer]

Father, thank you for the opportunity to be hidden and loved by you so much that you would take time to mature me and make me complete for every good work! I am thankful that you love me far greater than a favorite dessert! I renounce in the name of Jesus any root of rejection that I may have in my heart. I ask your forgiveness where I have hurt others out of my own pain. I receive your love and forgiveness. Wash the blood of Jesus over me and cleanse me from my sin. Fill me with a fresh filling of your power and heal all soul wounds associated with rejection. Flood every cell of my body with acceptance, love and divine mercy. I choose to live a life that is un-offendable. Father God I ask that you give me your powerful grace to accomplish the assignment you have chosen for me. I choose to trust you with my gifts and talents because you gave them to me. I ask you to take all of me and empower me to be used by you in 2016. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen! 

Happy New Year! 
You are LOVED and Have a Divine Calling!
Kelly Roberson



Never Forget - His Covenant

It started out as a good day - a day without drama. We were living in the hill country of San Antonio in 2001. I had just dropped off Leigh at her safe, sheltered, Christian school environment and was headed to my first ever "professional faux finishing" class. I was so excited to be trained by a master artisan from Rome, that my mind was swirling with anticipation! However, like most families, we were hiding our on secrets and trying to stay afloat. I was listening to K-love cruising down highway 281 into the city from the Stone Oak area when suddenly the dj stopped the music and said, "We need to pray right now, it looks like a plane just hit one of the twin towers." By the time I arrived at the studio, he announced a second plane had hit.

I sat in my car paralyzed in fear. Like most married women, my first instinct was to call my husband, and then I called my parents reaching out for some sense of reality and assurance. It was surreal... I collected myself and made my way into the studio with the others. We were in shock, but decided to "carry on" in some kind of feeble attempt to cope with the current unknown.  And so we painted samples... I began to trowel Venetian plaster and pray. Layering and troweling with the radio in the distance set to low.

In just a short time later they would announce a third plane crash and things began to literally collapse - NYC was on fire. All airlines were grounded. I was called to come pick up my daughter. As a parent does, I kept calm and assured her of her safety - all the while wondering if we were "next." As I prayed and glued to the TV non stop throughout the evening, I was compelled to share hope with my new friends the next day. I scrambled together a teaching on the different covenant names of God - I had been clinging to these names in my quiet time. I was attending a study called "Prayer Portions" by Gloria Gunter - what most of my close friends have come to now know as my purple binder.  A study that I would eventually bring back to SC and share with others who needed the same hope I did as we were quickly moving towards divorce - a time that seemed to parallel current affairs of shock and betrayal. Even in the midst of my own pain, it was a privilege to share hope with my fellow artisans from different backgrounds and different parts of the country. We gathered around the table with paint on our hands and looked up to God that day. We came together as one. 

Incredibly grateful to all the first responders - saddened by the horrific loss of so many - our country changed forever that day. Who do you turn to in times of grief or anger? God will always be our first responder and we can count on him in these times. "Our covenant with God was established in the once- for-all-sacrifice of the lamb. The New Testament reveals his fulfillment of these in action." So, when your world is rocked upside down, never forget His covenant names with you. If you proclaim Jesus Christ as your God and your savior you are in a beautiful covenant relationship - and that is something never to forget! 

 El Nissi: God is our Banner of Victory
 El Rohi: He is our Shepherd
Jehovah Jireh: Our Priovider
Jehovah Shalom: Our Peace
Jehovah Rophe: Our Healer
Jehovah Tsidkenu: Our Righteosness
Jehovah Shammah: God Who is There
Jehovah M'Kaddesh: Our Sanctification 

...never forget...  


-Kelly Roberson



I've noticed that when I'm around certain significant people in my life, I walk away just feeling beautiful - a glow that only deep, "safe" friendships can produce. That beauty is a physical manifestation of what's happening on the inside. To be accepted and known. To be allowed to be authentic. Frown lines disappear, eyes that were once guarded are now open and ready to receive. Even in the "messy hair" moments you are at peace with your beauty because there is acceptance... however, it will always be limited because the source is still lacking.

God's presence: I believe this is a taste of what's happening when we allow ourselves to experience the quality friendship of the creator of the universe - God. Except this is a divine relationship to the highest power that can't be limited. "I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends..." (John 15:15) There is just something that happens when we spend intimate time in the sanctuary of our King - our Father. We emerge with a glow - a peace that no one can take. "Honor and majesty are [found] in His presence; strength and joy are [found] in His sanctuary." (1 Chronicles 16: 27) Don't be scared to "go there." He is waiting for you in the sanctuary. There is no lack in a moment with our King. The overflow of His glory and majesty is a brook of acceptance and unconditional love for you. Peace, courage, joy, love, hope create a divine inner beauty that flows outward. So take a minute and just "be" - and you will come out beautiful... a reflection of His beauty and unconditional love... xo

Kelly Roberson