Ready To Bloom?

I was sitting on my porch yesterday morning enjoying the hot sun on my face and a warm cup of coffee. Over the past few weeks I've started a ritual of sorts - looking through my plant for blooms. About six weeks ago I planted a pink geranium surrounded by yellow marigolds. I guess the transplant from the nursery to my pot was just too taxing on the 'ol girl. She quickly lost her pink blooms while the yellow marigolds were growing like crazy!

All these weeks I've continued to nurture it by making sure it had the right soil, feeding it, removing the dead and wilting leaves, and making sure it had plenty of water. But each day that I checked, no sign of blooms... ugh!? I actually thought that she would never bloom again.

To my delight, as I was rummaging through the leaves yesterday morning with coffee in hand, I noticed a little bloom bud! I was so excited - all my nurturing had paid off! The law of nature had kicked in.

God quickly reminded me that the same law of nature works in me:

  • Things have to die and be cut back in order for new growth to happen.
  • I need plenty of refreshing and water to my soul. 
  • Make sure I'm in good "soil." My environment and the people I allow to influence me are very important to my bloom process.
  • Patience. Trust the process and wait patiently as God is working on the inside and in hidden things. When all the elements come together the BLOOM WILL HAPPEN!

[This Week's Prayer]

Pray this with me: "As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God." Psalms 42:1  Dear Jesus, thank you that you wired us to be dependent on You and that's how we grow and bloom. Thank you that when we submit the details of our lives to You that You are faithful to do the work in us to create the "bloom" - the beauty in our lives that bring joy and honor to You. Give us the grace to be patient and courageous as you cut away the things that are dead and wilting. Today, we will trust You and the process to fruitfulness. In Jesus' name, Amen!

Trust the process - you may not be able to see it yet, but you are going to BLOOM! It's on it's way!

Love and Blessings,
Kelly Roberson
Certified Professional Faux Finishing Artist
Certified Life Coach