Life Coaching Testimonials

"I wanted to thank you for the prayer you prayed over me 2 years ago at the health and wellness training in NC. My fear, anger and forgiveness is almost gone. I am almost to the point of writing my sister, that I had the altercation with 3 years ago, and tell her I forgive her for what she has done and ask forgiveness for what I have done to her. I thank God everyday for bringing you in my life that day to help me heal. May the Lord bless your life abundantly. PRAISE GOD!" Courtney Oliver, Tennessee

"I didn't know what to expect from life coaching but after a few sessions with Kelly, she has helped me put my priorities in place. I was caught up in the daily routine of life and not feeling like I was being the best I could be. By using the tools she has equipped me with, I know I can have the life God has meant for me. Thank you Kelly!" Charlotte, NC

"One of the things I value the most is she is everyone's biggest cheerleader and always sees the glass as not just half full but overflowing.  Not only does she have the gift to encourage others in their dreams, but she has the God-given creativity to come up with innovative ways to make those dreams come true. She has the perfect balance of the creative and practical with a huge dash of spunk." Tara B., Pennsylvania

“Kelly helped me in a moment of crisis and a time I felt imprisoned by abuse in my life.  After Kelly gathered a group of strong, faithful women together she anointed me with oil, prayed over me and allowed me to finally let go and release over 10 years of emotional devastation.  Through her healing, my faith is devout, I am now leading a Worship band in a church and I feel a sense of worth I have never experienced before.” Thank you Kelly... every day gets better and now I am helping others let go and let GOD!" Anne R., New York

Wellness & Weight Loss Testimonials

"As of this morning I am down 25 lbs and 38 inches in 3 months! I am only 3 pounds away from the next set of numbers that I have not seen on the scales for a very long time!" Kathy. F., South Carolina

"Well I have joined this new journey 19 days ago. I was looking for more energy, sleeping better and leveling my blood sugars. I couldn't believe the results just after a matter of days. My sugar has never been better. I have a lot more energy, I feel less stressed and have a clear mind. I have gotten rid of the toxins and have never felt better. An added benefit has been some fast growing fingernails, plus I have shred 4 inches and lost 5 pounds. Thank you, Kelly Dobbs, helping me start on this journey and for all your encouragement!" Brenda B., Chattanooga, Tennessee